Roly Poly Pangolin

Roly Poly Pangolin

Viking Juvenile
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Author: Anna Dewdney

Brand: Viking Juvenile

Edition: First Edition

ISBN: 0670011606

Number Of Pages: 40

Publisher: Viking Juvenile

Release Date: 2010-03-09


Roly Poly, very small, doesn?t like new things at all.

Meet Roly Poly Pangolin?a little pangolin who?d rather stick close to his mama instead of facing anything unfamiliar. Whether it?s a line of ants, a friendly monkey, or a loud noise, Roly Poly runs the other way. Then he hears something that really scares him. So he does what all pangolins do when they?re frightened?he rolls up into a tiny ball. But Roly Poly is surprised when he finally peeks out, because another ball is peeking back . . . it?s a small pangolin just like him!

Anna Dewdney has created another irresistible character to reassure children about the world around them.

EAN: 9780670011605

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